From the beginning company emphasized on research and development activities because we know to meet out various buyers demands research and development are both important and required for the growth of every company so we constantly strive to scale the most difficult parameters to summit.

Laboratory acts as a "light house" Of assurance to Our exclusive club of top quality premium buyers. Company has ultra modern lab from the first day which are equipped with latest machine looking palatability, full-fillness & elongation result are paid particulars attention.

Raw material is the base of any finished product. Manish Goel; Director is the youngest Director in the company having the vast knowledge of paddy and he controls the complete paddy procurement. That is why he highly emphasize upon being care full right from the start. He firmly believe. if the beginning is good then final product is bound to be awesome. He has appointed around 30 quality supervisors highly trained in paddy procurement who have the vast knowledge of paddy. Also our procurement mainly comes from the fertile land of Himalayan Range which produces the high end of Basmati Rice range in India. which results in an indigence taste & aroma of traditional Basmati Rice which added to the satiation of consumer.

Our Lab is equipped with latest technological machines like Husker from Satake - Japan, Polishers from Zaccaria - Brazil. Moisture and milling meter from Kett - Japan. Grading from Cartday - USA & Schmidt Seeger - Germany, Vernier microscope etc. to check the shape and quality of the grain.

Last but not the least rice is known through it's cooking so our main aim is to keep the moisture and all the natural temperature which are favorable for best cooking and aroma with it's natural taste.